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UNO: Emoji

UNO: Emoji
UNO: Emoji
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    Description from the publisher:

    A new twist on an old classic. Play Uno with your favorite emojis for each number, and Poop Draw Four Wild Cards. Basic Uno rules are the same, with the addition of the Emoji Wild Cards! Play one of these on an opponent, and they have to make the emoji face during their turn and for the entire round until their NEXT turn! If they're caught without the emoji face, they have to draw 2 extra cards. Also comes with some blank cards so you can draw your own emoji faces. Don't forget to say UNO when you're down to one card!

    Game Info
    NoOfPlayers2-10 Players
    PlayTime5-0 Minutes
    Playing TimeUnder 30 Minutes
    BGG Link231790
    Game CategoriesCard Game;Children's Game
    Game MechanismsHand Management;Take That
    Game FamilyGame: UNO;Traditional Card Games: Eights
    BGG Weight1
    BGG Weight Filter<2

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