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12 Thieves

12 Thieves
12 Thieves
12 Thieves
12 Thieves
12 Thieves
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Dusk is slowly descendig upon the desert city... This is the time when the players send out their 12 thieves for their competition to steal the most treasures from the palaces. The maharadjahs think they can prevent the robbery with their guards. But the guards can be bribed and used by the players for their own purpose.

  • Family friendly card game.
  • Beautiful artwork.
  • Lots of tactical decisions.
  • new edition of "Thief of Bagdad", nominated for "Spiel des Jahres 2007.
  • 6 palaces – in six colours.
  • 4 player boards – 1 per player colour.
  • 48 thieves – 12 per player colour.
  • 24 guards – 4 per player colour and 8 black, neutral guards.
  • 102 palace cards – 17 cards showing one of the six palaces.
  • 8 dancer cards – to use as a joker as any palace card.
  • 24 treasure chests – 4 chests per each palace colour, marked with 4 to 7 pips.
  • 1 Rules booklet.
Game Details
BGG Link22278
Game TypeFamily Games
Game CategoriesArabian
Game MechanismsArea Movement;Hand Management
Game FamilyCities: Baghdad (Iraq);Country: Iraq;Region: Middle East
Game Designer(s)Thorsten Gimmler
Game Artist(s)Patricia Limberger;Michael Menzel
BGG Rank Overall2977
BGG Weight1.86
BGG Weight Filter<2
Game Info
NoOfPlayers2-4 Players
PlayTime45-45 Minutes
Playing TimeUpto 1 Hour

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